Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weird Weather State

I have lived in Maryland my whole life. Born and bred here. And I have been used to the truly bizarre weather we have here. I always chalk it up to being in the exact center of the East Coast, where we get both cold and warm, where we are both North and South (though I think Marylanders call themselves southerners but I digress.). I've been used to it, but this past weekend was just to bizarre for words.

I live in Reisterstown, which is Northwest Baltimore County. We are the furthest west city in Baltimore county, so we get a lot of the Western weather. We are also slightly colder then Baltimore, so when they get rain we usually get snow. So Friday night the 10th of February it started to snow. The next morning it was still snowing, but the roads and sidewalks were all clear. It just looked very pretty. Snow on the trees and grass, but not the roads, and it was feeling warm, yet still snowing. Then a few hours later it shifted to rain and then it stopped. The sun came out and all the snow melted away. After only about 8 hours there was no more snow. Then it got cloudy again, the wind picked up and we got a snow squall, about an inch fell again, yet it did not stick it was a dryer snow. Then it stopped, it was cold and windy. My wife and I had a date night that night and it was brutally cold and windy weather. As we were driving back to Reisterstown from Baltimore around 1030pm we hit 795 and the snow started again, this time it was laying on the road. So in one 24 hour span we got heavy wet snow, rain, sun, wind, cold, and dry snow. Then this week it has been warmer. In the 50s. It's raining now, but now the weather service is calling for a possible winter event coming this weekend. Oh well, just another day in Maryland.

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