Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Universe (for the time being) Part one

It's been a while but my idea machine has not stopped churning in my brain. I have a ton of posts I would love to write and I am going to try to get to all them through the last 4 months of 2011. Keeping in mind that we may not be here after October 21st. Rapture 2 anyone. Yeah I have a post on Rapture 1 in my head. Will have to wait. This is important. COMIC BOOKS!!!

August 31st 2011 is the beginning of the new DC Universe. DC who is perpetually the number 2 comic company in the world behind Marvel is trying to find a new way to be number 1. So back in May they announced huge changes to their entire line. They were going to wrap up all their storylines and wrap up the massive Flashpoint event by restarting the DC universe 52 # 1 issues spread over one month. August 31st-September 28th. They would be starting over from scratch. Meaning that one character you liked who was dead may very well be alive in the new DCNU (DC New Universe). One character you like who is still alive will be nowhere to be found, that marriage you enjoyed reading about. Yeah is probably over now. But hey new creators, new villains, updated characters. New costumes. New takes on old characters without 50 plus years of continuity. Some storylines you enjoyed, no longer exist. It was a crazy time. Then DC started to announce the new comics and the new creative teams. Some were brillant, some were WTF, and some did not change at all. Then we had the controversy of not enough female creators were involved in the new 52, and that women characters were being treated a little unfairly. Perfectly reasonable questions that the creators of the new DC universe started shooting down and insulting as if they were being personally insulted. The dust has finally settled and the first issue has been released. My take?   

MEH. Justice League # 1 was the first book out and it was just OK. Not the amazing OMG you have to see this book just a meh kind of book. But to be fair. This is not the book I am most looking forward to. But to be the first book to be introduced You kind of needed something a little bigger then the return of Jim Lee as an artist on a book written by Geoff Johns. The one thing I noticed about the creative teams was the sheer amount of old school 90s creators who were coming back to the DC comics. There was a reason in the early 90s comics went through a rough patch. Now these guys are back? I was hesitant. Still am. But there are some gems out there that I am dying to read and hopefully will make me feel better.

The one thing about this new reboot that is interesting is DC getting with the times with same day Digital release. Unfortunatly Digital is the future (another blog down the line) and to get new readers, younger readers who are plugged in you need  to do this. So in that respect it works. But a lot of the stuff I am seeing about this relaunch has me worried and I will try to write my way through it. I have two other blogs I plan on writing on this subject. Hence the part one on my title. Part two will be a through look at all 52 comics and which ones I am interested in and ones I will not touch with a 10 ft pole. Granted I will not have read all 52 but what I can gather from art I have seen, the creative team, and the stories being discussed I will give my opinions and maybe follow up when I get a chance to read them. Part three will be about my utter disdain for DC's apparent hatred of marriage and Females. So stay tuned. I am just getting warmed up.