Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Saga of the Purple Jeep from my perspective

I first dated Dawn my wife (or Mino and ManMan to her blogger friends) back in September of 2000. She drove a Jeep, a purple Jeep Wrangler which was small for me but perfect for her and she absolutly loved it. Saturday January 14th 2012 was an end of an era when Dawn sold it to Carmax for over 1500 dollars. In between all of this were some ups and downs, long trips, painful trips, and when we needed it the most, it was there.

I am about to go off on a bit of stream of conscience about this since I don't remember times and dates, but I remember the events. Getting a phone call from Dawn when I was working at Diamond Comics saying her Jeep broke down on the exit to Route 1 as she was heading to the University of Maryland for her Masters classes. I went to get her and wait for the tow truck. Along those same thoughts the last day we had the Jeep, Dawn got the emissions done and had to find the Carmax location to get an estimate on how much they would pay for it. As she was getting there, the brakes went, then the Transmission, at almost the exact same time, literally just before she was entering the parking lot of Carmax. It was almost as if it knew it's time was coming and gave up. Or the one time early in our relationship when we went to Ocean City Maryland just the two of us for a week driving the Jeep with the top down, getting to our hotel, and deciding it would be fine to leave the top down overnight, only to be awoken the next morning by the car horn going off over and over again early in the morning, and seeing that it was raining out and the jeep was getting flooded with water. Putting the top up in the rain and then letting it air out the rest of the week, which was sunny by the way.
Driving in the Jeep down to the Outer Banks for the first time and getting stuck in the 4WD beach. Near the end of it's life having to have the Jeep towed to Jiffy Lube to get a new battery on a Sunday to prep it for a few weeks of usage due to my car accident, which may be another blog for another time. The Jeep being there for us during that rough time in between losing my rental and getting a new car. Since I can't drive stick, Dawn would drive it, even going so far as to put car seats in the jeep for the kids during this time. Usinig it when the Minivan was going through our week of hell with the passenger side tire. Old reliable always there when we needed it. But also an infuriating vehicle with it's many problems. But in the end it showed it's quality as being the highest. An old friend who has helped us one more time with such a great payout that we were certainly not expecting.  Sleep well old friend. You deserve it.

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  1. That was beautiful honey; a very moving tribute to a faithful car. Love you!