Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Response to "ok WTF"

My colleague Ramblings From The Homestead has written a blog about why NASA has a 2nd Shuttle on the pad. NASA is telling everyone that is has to do with being safe. But what if it's about something else being safe and not neccessarily the Space Shuttle in orbit?
One of the biggest conspiracy theories about NASA is that they have actually doctored the photos from the Mars rovers on the surface of Mars. That NASA is hiding something of major importance. But how do we get the pictures without anyone seeing what they really look, or what if there is another set of photos that they are hiding from the Public. Where would be the best place to store them where no one but NASA can access them? How about in the Hubble, or one of the various other satellites in orbit? Let me clarify.
Say there is a special storage space on the Hubble or in one of these satellites. NASA beams the hidden photos or the real photos there, NASA goes up ostensibly to "repair" the satellites and or Hubble, but instead they pick up a simple Memory stick or some other storage device with these super secret pics and bring them back to Earth safely without anyone seeing them.
So NASA must have some really good pics they need to retrieve from this "repair" mission. So much that they feel maybe they have been compromised or that if something does happen they can retrieve the pics without anyone seeing them if the other shuttle fails. Just my opinion.
Or it could be aliens... you never know...

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  1. That could be true you know the government is always hiding things from the public but I think in the end we will never know the truth