Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Saturday Night is all right for SYFY-ing

One of my favorite shows of all time was Mystery Science Theater 3000. It started off on Comedy Central then they moved it to the then Sci-Fi channel where they produced some new episodes. The premise was a human and two robots (who were puppets) were forced to watch really bad movies from the 50s-80s, mostly horror and science fiction with names like Santa Claus vs. the Martians, or Robot Holocaust, or the Wandering Eye, but they were able to riff jokes about what they were seeing on the screen and it was hilarious.  One of the things I loved was on Thanksgiving they would play a marathon of episodes (Turkey day, Turkey movies) So many years ago Sci-Fi (who is now SyFy) cancelled the show, and then started to make their own turkey movies. Now the first one I remember them making was back in 2004, but now they do a number of them per year and they are so bad, either intentionally or unintentionally that you cannot look away. It was as if they were making movies so that someday they could revive MST3K (as it is known by the fans) and use these movies to have the characters riff on them. But we on Twitter have beaten them to the punch.

There is a group of people who sit through these terrible movies with titles like Sharktopus, or Dinocroc, or Space Twister and on the social networking site Twitter riff on the movie making some funny jokes or just stating how terrible the movie is. My wife and I are proud members of this group. It is fun to feel superior, but honestly gang these movies are really bad from the monster mash ups, to the terrible acting and FX. It's a fun way to spend a Saturday night, especially if you have young children in bed and you cannot go anywhere.  But you would never catch me just watching the movie and not commenting because no one in their right minds would watch the movie to just watch it. They are very high grade B-movies. But the fun is the riffing on the movies. And I realized there are some really funny people out there, and occassionally I may get off a good zinger, or my wife will get a good one. But it's fun, and it's away to spend time together, though we are on Twitter together we still make our own jokes in the privacy of our own home. Not every movie is worthy of the Twitter Riffing, but some are just dying for it. Like this Saturday's wonderful production JERSEY SHORE SHARK ATTACK, which has epicness that has not been seen in a while. You take the horrendous characters from one of the worst shows of this Century Jersey Shore and have them take on Sharks. It's all kinds of horrible, but totally hilarious! Upcoming we have PiranahaConda, and ArachnoQuake to name a few. CANT WAIT... Watch the Syfy channel this Saturday June 9th and prepare to have your mind blown. You will want to join in on the conversation because this film has all kinds of epic badness on its way. CANT WAIT!

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  1. I wonder if the sharks are defeated because they can't digest the valtrex.....