Thursday, March 15, 2012

Smoke Signals 1: Will Ferrel and Parking cars

I have decided to create what I like to call Smoke Signals, small little bits and pieces out of my head that I am giving to you. I used to have a column in my college newspaper called Out of My Head where I would sometimes right these things. I thought it was only right to bring it up again but this time as a theme for my blog Off the Rez, I christen thee Smoke Signals.

- Saw an ad for Will Ferrel's new movie where he seems to be speaking entirely in Spanish called Casa de mi Padre. Don't know what to think of this. Either it is really weird, or really genius.

- I hate how my neighbors park. The parking spots in front of our houses have two bright white lines telling you where you can park. And the lines are perfect for a car, truck, SUV, minivan or whatever. Yet both my neighbors insist on either parking right on the line, or ignoring the line and parking wherever, thus cutting down another parking spot. This makes me livid. I know I have issues.

-The Cow in Reisterstown is now open. Huzzah for Italian ice and or Gelato!

-Moved my office from a nice quiet and fairly private spot to a noisy not so private spot. Don't know how I feel about this yet. First couple of days have been eh.

-Finished my top 103 REM songs of all time, but am still constantly making changes. I will be happy with it someday. Hopefully.

-While talking REM strted to really listen to Reconstruction of the Fables or Fables of the Reconstruction one of their albums I was very meh on. But now is a lot better then I give it credit for.


  1. Based on the picture alone, I'm not a fan of the spot. It's...bizarrely located.

  2. Love the idea,thing that make you go hmmmmm,or oh s@#$!!!!!