Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST without you

So LOST ended yesterday, on what I would say a high note, but there was still some questions as to the ending. Let me do a little background on my Lost habits. I watched the first season in it's entirety and half of the second season, missed the third season, except for the final episode, I caught up reading synopsises on various websites, watched half the 4th season, and all of the 5th and sixth. I own all the DVD sets except season 5 which I hope to get this week and season 6 which does not come out until 8/24. So I have followed it pretty regularly and I was very happy with the endings of the different relationships in this final episode but the final 10 minutes or so were a bit strange, though I loved them and I have a general idea what it is about.


So the sideways flashes were just sort of a Limbo, heaven's waiting room as it were, and then when someone eventually gave in to it, they remembered everything that happened on the island and then went and waited for the others to arrive. As Christian Shepard stated to Jack, everything that happened on the island happened, some people died early and were just waiting in Limbo until they decided to let go or needed to help someone let go. Some lived long lives, some died early, but in the end they all went to one place to be together and move on to the next level. And some were not ready to leave their limbo, or decided to stay like Ben who didn't want to leave his limbo, or he felt he did not deserve to go. That seems to be the gist that most people are reading into it.

It makes it into a great ending to a series that still has a ton of questions that need to be answered, but this show was about the people on the island and not what the island was. I will miss the show and I hope to catch up on all the episodes I missed. Lost was great and it will be missed.

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  1. I think that you bring up an excellent point: the show was about the characters, not the Island so those who were looking for a resolution to the Island were not understanding the deeper meaning of the show.